Excerpt from At Lockwood

Edward slept badly on Thursday night, 3 January 1946. He had been feeling uneasy all day without any apparent reason. Snow had fallen and Edward went across the road to the park to join the neighbourhood children and parents building snowmen and raucously pelting each other with snowballs. Evan and Guido also joined in the fun while Marjorie watched from the stoep.

Edward had a whisky in The Studio before retiring but found himself starting at every noise, real or imaginary, during the night. He had installed new locks...yet he remained uneasy.

He was up early the next morning, 4 January, dressed warmly and fetched the newspaper. He returned to The Studio, threw some kindling and logs on the embers that were glowing from the previous night, and switched on the kettle to make a cup of tea.

The scent of pine wafted through the room as the new logs crackled and hissed; smells and sounds reminiscent of Christmas trees and unwrapping presents in happier times. He thought back on what had transpired at Waterloo.

He looked through the frosty window at the dark winter morning and the uneasiness in his stomach returned.

He fetched an aspirin and settled down with his tea, glancing at the front page headlines...

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