About Keith Fisher

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find it concise, informative and worth your time.

I have retired after a full and varied career, gaining a wide variety of insights over the years, with research and writing having been integral parts of my career. Since my retirement, I've been able to write what I really enjoy - fiction, or mainly fiction. Some readers believe some of my work is fact. Not so, but I sometimes come close.

The encouraging comments from friends and colleagues in the Pretoria Writers' Circle, after writing many short stories and a couple of novellas, prompted me to write a novel. I've published two to date and a third is awaiting publication - preview under 'books'...My writing contains many themes from recent history and the research involved provides me as much pleasure as the writing.

I try to stick to the formula of grabbing the reader's attention in the first few pages, ending with a twist in the tale, and in between, telling a story that gets the reader thinking, shocked and sometimes amused. My main characters usually take over my computer at some stage in the proceedings and are themselves responsible for writing about the outrageous things they get up to.

I was born and brought up in Cape Town, obtained my Dip Juris (B Proc) at the University of Cape Town and practised as an attorney for four years. Then came a commission in the Cape Town Rifles (a Citizen Force regiment), later being recruited into the expanding South African Defence Force of the 1960s as an intelligence officer - this field is shared by many lawyers who join the military.

As a permanent force officer, I was posted to a number of intelligence and operational appointments at army and command headquarters, and defence headquarters, including the intelligence and the operations divisions. I also served on a multinational military liaison committee and was later appointed member of the Steyn Commission of Enquiry into the Media Reporting of Defence Matters. I resigned from the defence force in 1980 upon completion of the commission and returned to the private sector where I was employed as corporate communications executive of three companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (not at the same time, thank heavens).

I survived the Y2K fiasco (remember that) and retired later in 2000. I still undertake consultancy work and devote much of my time to research and writing. I am also an active member and past chairman of the Pretoria Writers' Circle and was nominated Writer-of-the-Year for 2010.

My wife Rosalie and I are still married after over forty years (there's a book there somewhere, as my colleague Derrick Hurlin used to say). We live in Centurion, Gauteng, and have three daughters and three grandchildren.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy my literary offering and please provide me with feedback. I have broad shoulders and a resilient ego!

Best wishes and enjoyable reading.

Keith Fisher