At Lockwood is the story of British artist, Edward Marlowe. It tells of a demented general as his father, a lonely childhood, a devoted yet radical mother and a boyhood friend who treacherously betrays him...

These are some of the circumstances that shape the life of Edward Marlowe during the heady pre-World War Two days and the tragedies that followed.

A painting tour of Mussolini's Italy, a sexual interlude that haunts him, and revisiting Italy during the war. Espionage and high treason, tragedies and secrets emerge almost shattering Edward's life, compounded by his father's mysterious death. However, post-war artistic fame carries Edward on the crest of a wave, until...

A gripping and poignant life story of a fascinating man that starts and ends At Lockwood.

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Two cousins from the Orange Free State grow up together in South Africa of the 1960s to '90s. Frensch de Wet and Arnie Bremer are born into conservative Afrikaner families.

Frensch readily accepts the life of conservative power and privilege to which he feels entitled. However, Arnie's father is tragically killed when he is ten. As he grows up under difficult circumstances, his experiences lead him to question the norms, traditions and morals that bind him to the System. Frensch and Arnie, from their childhood through to their national service, emerge to represent two diametrically opposing views on life while facing a future that culminates in bitter conflict and tragedy for their families and the country.

Entering adulthood, the cousins finally break with each other when confronted by the realities of the escalating threat posed to the Establishment by the liberation struggle. Frensch and Arnie find themselves on opposite sides of a new divide that splits white conservatives on how best to counter the threat.

But, 'Forgotten Times' essentially tells the story of the lives of two men who, as they enter adulthood, develop strong individual personalities that react in different ways to their environment and to each other during the violent conflict of those forgotten times - a turbulent period of South Africa's unwritten history.

Amidst this relentless feud and internecine strife, a long-kept secret emerges that brings a poignant, unexpected conclusion to the tale of bitter interpersonal rivalry and tragedy in a breathtaking climax.

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Armand Rousseau was born to head the legendary Western Cape wine estate of Normandie, named after the region in France that was home to his Huguenot ancestors.

Armand's story is one of wealth, troubled relationships, deceit, tragedy and a domineering Grandmama. It culminates in a series of mysterious ritual killings that shake the family.

Armand has only two close friends remaining from his childhood; Francois, the descendant of Cape Malay slaves who have become part of Normandie, and Leon, a remnant of Armand's Huguenot heritage. One is destined to possess and betray Armand while the other remains an ally. And then, there is wicked Uncle Alec...

The Rousseaus of Normandie is a psychological thriller that introduces a new dimension to this genre of writing. Another spellbinding, page-turner from Keith Fisher...

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