Short Works

Short Story "Upon Reflection" - By Keith Fisher

I gaze into the mirror and behold the familiar face graced by the patina of age. The full beard has done little to hide the gradual regression. I step back a pace and the image retreats from me, as I equally withdraw from it....

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Short Story "Sydney" - By Keith Fisher

The Psychedelia is a trendy nightclub on the first floor of a renovated Edwardian building in Lower Loop Street, Cape Town. Its clientele is drawn from a select variety of beautiful people from all levels of Cape Town society; from the dahleeengs of Constantia to the gamats of Woodstock and all stations in between...

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Short Story "Along the Beach" - By Keith Fisher

It was shortly before seven pm on Saturday evening. The giant Newlands rugby stadium in Cape Town held a capacity crowd usually seen only at major international rugby matches. The atmosphere was palpable. The steel and concrete structures reverberated to the powerful, pulsing sound system. The strobe lighting and laser beams darted from one corner of the grounds to the other like possessed fireballs...

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A Character Sketch "Mary de Waal" - By Keith Fisher

The car glided to a stop in front of the main entrance to De Waal Park. The complex looked a hybrid between a small casino and a five-star hotel, a palatial edifice. It made a grandiose statement! Everything about Mary de Waal seemed symbolic of something in an exaggerated way.

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Poem "Solitude" - By Keith Fisher

The door is closed, the curtain drawn
eyes closed ears blocked
nothing - nor glimmer nor sound
only myself my bygone thoughts

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Poem "where..." - By Keith Fisher

where men's small minds weakness attest
where laurel goes to less than best
where great men are defiled in jest
and lesser creatures ride the crest

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